Guiding Star Productions, the Indian classical as well as folk dance school situated in the Pittsburgh, is a testimony to the passion and sincerity that Varun and Sonia feel towards Indian dance. Started in the year 2004 by Varun and Sonia Mahajan under the able guidance of their dance guru Biru Pawar ji, this dance school is striving its way forward in pursuit of achieving its mission; the mission to create a special niche in educating, promoting as well as garnering appreciation for Indian dance forms in North America.

Guiding Star Productions desires not only to rekindle the love and acceptance for Indian dance within the Indian Diaspora but also wishes to attract in American students to have a feel of it.

As desired, the hard work of Varun and Sonia Mahajan has started bearing fruit with plenty of students joining Guiding Star Productions wanting to experience, learn and embrace Indian dance with contagious fervor and enthusiasm. The students joining the program are between 5 to 60 years in age but what they share in common is the enthusiasm and passion to understand, learn and accept the various Indian dance forms taught in the school.




The curriculum of Guiding Star Productions is varied and diverse enough to incorporate the best dance forms that Indian culture has to offer. The dance portfolio offered by the school to its students include the mystical moves of Kathak following the Benaras gharana; the energy of the Punjabi Bhangra and Gidha, the soulful Dandiya and the beautiful twists and turns of the Rajasthani dance forms of Ghoomar and Kalbelia. Apart from these regional Indian folk dances one can also try grooving on various famous foot tapping Bollywood film dance numbers.  Fusion, semi classical dance forms also find their place on the list.
The dance school under the supervision of Sonia and Varun specializes in providing a 4 year degree in Kathak to its students which further comes with an added option of extending it to a further 2 years in pursuit of a Masters degree in Kathak. It is worth mentioning that these degrees in Kathak provided by Guiding Star Productions comply to the courses and syllabus followed by various known and reputed dance universities in India thereby adhering this dance school on the same lines as those followed by dance schools in India. The Master’s degree is also called “Rang Pravesham” which allows the Kathak student to demonstrate solo performances to the audience.

Guiding Star Productions also specializes in providing private dance lessons to students wanting to learn a particular dance form not generally included in the curriculum for the purpose of performing for a special function, occasion or event. 
The dance school has started proving its mettle by earning its share of laurels, acceptances, recognition and achievements bought in by its students performing at various events which include:

    Performances in various Indian gatherings and cultural events taking place in the area which include festivals like Holi, Diwali,Lohri and Ugadi.
    • The students have also performed at several American events which include performances at many Indian Folk festivals and also at the Community College of Allegheny.
    • Multi cultural events taking place in the region have also had the pleasure of witnessing the brilliant performances put up by the students of Guiding Star Productions.
    • The grandest and the most awaited function of Guiding Star Productions is by no doubt its Annual Dance Recital which is an annual event in the month of June. This event provides a platform to all its students to showcase their dancing talent.